Meet The Owners/ Stylist



I started working with Hair in 2005 and my love has grown for what I do. I have worked with different types of Salons and up until now I had worked for Sport Clips for 9 yrs and was the Assistant Manager twice and then at the end I was the Store Manager for 2 years. And as of today I love what I do and it has lead me to Open my Own Business. As of July 1st 2019  I’m one of the Owners of Barberalla’s Kutz & Style and I couldn’t be more happier to continue to grow my brand. I love making my Clients Happy and I’m very detailed with my work. I love working with everyone and all types of Hair. “You know you've gotten a really Great haircut when strangers stop you and ask you who your stylist is. That's my goal, for every haircut." 💈💈💈💈 

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I’ve been doing hair for about 15 yrs, and work with different Companies,and I have enjoyed doing what I do.I love working with everyone, and enjoy making sure my clients are happy. I also work with all types of hair. I am from Dominican Republic, and I went to Beauty School in Georgia,and I’m also bilingual . 💈💈💈💈 You May click on the link and book your Appointment with me at

Meet The Owners/ Stylist



Hello, I’m Joann and I’ve been a Hair Stylist since 2007. I’m also married with 2 beautiful  children . I love working with people and I’m very passionate with what I do as a Stylist. When my Customers leave my chair I want them to be Happy and Satisfied. I’m also from Haiti, and I’m also bilingual. God Bless 💈💈💈💈  You May click the link below if you would like to schedule an appointment with me.